Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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i love it when all sing together:D
amazing  part and when chester starts to play on guitar :)

Jessi Lerner said:
i love it when all sing together:D

remix is awesom and i cant wait for thev new vid

will the video have the remix or normal version of the song?

Both good, but I think that the remix is slightly better for transofrmers
i think remix is good idea, but i hope it's still Linkin Park. ^^
I dont know i think, that the album version is much better... The remix version isn't so epic :-)

Iridescent is my absolute favorite of all their songs at this moment and I am thrilled to know that they shot a video for it. But this is taking to damn long. Probably because of the special effects, idk. I'm even more excited about the video, because we may see some new scenes from Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. Oh....and I almost forgot Trevor, the co-star snake. Can't wait to see his role in the video.


It will be amazing, I am sure of it....but waiting is killing me....not just killing...it's now become GODLIKE!!!

Wow when the clip comes out.? On may 17th?
i tooootallly agree i hoped blackout would be the next single

Minerva said:
I want to see the new video.. but I hoped the next single had been Wretches and Kings or Blackout. The remix is cool :D

totally agree wid u.the original dragged on.....but the should not have removed the group chorus ta the end. i like that part a lot.


i like them both but the group chorus in the original is way better

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