Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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I love the new remix!!! I can't wait to see the music video :)
remix is good but....The original track is outstanding .............
when's the video coming out?
I love their all albums n all sings but  it's worse than first albums.
As far as I know a the date for the video hasnt been announced but I think iridescent was released as a single on the 22nd.
i like the song
I love everything that makes Linkin Park ..and this song is addictive !
It`s cool but I like the original version :D
I am not to much into remixes but this one seemed pretty good to me. jocuri barbie
This new Single version rocks ass still... doesnt beat the original, same with the one for the Catalyst... doesnt matter. GET THE DAMN VIDYA OUT COZ I JUST CANT WAIT MUCH LONGERRRR ITS MY fAVE SONNNGGGG

I love the remix just as much as the lp version. Can not wait for the video. After all, Iridescent is my favorite song on ATS :)  All of this is just bonus in my eyes. I do agree that this song will fit the movie much better than some others. The guys always do amazing work and Joe is the best video producer....we are all lucky to have such a band in our world. 


Much love & admiration for the band. 


Congrats on being apart of the 3rd movie, just wouldn't have been the same with out Linkin Park.

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