Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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A Thousand Suns Haters Official said:

If you hate this album so much then WHAT DA FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE U SO CALLED "FAN"?!
What the hell? Do you really have to devote your time and energy on hating over ATS?! ATS is the best album so far.

A Thousand Suns Haters Official said:

Linkin Park!!! I love you so much!!! Your music and your voices are fantastic!!!!  Im happy that i'm living in the Earth the same time with you. I hope you'll be together and make real music for a long time!!! Sorry if I made grammatic mistakes!!!!! kiss kiss kiss

A Thousand Suns Haters Official said:

U suck :)
Cool video!!!
I am glad there were not many scenes from the movie...
the remix is good but the original is PERFECT!!!!!
cool video!
Love the remix, but prefer the original for sure. Would have liked to see Wretches and Kings as the next single though!

I like the remix version ^.^ I think it´s really good for TF3.

But the album version is still my favourite *_* I love this song <3

Well, we all know that the remix has more of an upbeat tempo. Which makes it more exciting, however, a song is also just as good when it is slowed now such as the original. I very much like both version!:) and Linkin Park is just great ;D
I miss their old new metal ... again make a song with that genre
I just saw transformers a few hours ago and I noticed that it was the album version of the song that was featured in the movie but the single has a more upbeat tempo.  I love the original version of the song and it did fit very well into the movie.  And to Adelys, Nu-metal is dead, has been for a couple of years.  I do like both versions but perfer the original

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