Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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hey LP iridecent song is awsome i thing its don't need remix !!
I love the song!! It's my favorite at the moment. I'm pretty sure we all love it,


You can vote for Iridescent every day ( http://dagtop5.tmf.be/dagtop5/index )

Would be great to have some decent music more often on our Belgian television :p

I LOVE Iridescent so much it was absolutely one of my favourite songs in Thousand suns. And i love to hear it live with the chipmunks intro xD !

Not the same man, not the same. Wht about "A place for my head", "Blee it out", 'Crawling" What happenned to that ? Iridescent good, but not the same simply not the same. In these last times the only campatible music to the old style is New Divide but , I  mean Yes Mike, yes Chester you  guys are getting old but it does't mean that the music has to slow down :(

Both versions of iridescent are amazing but the album version is beter i think

And to wallace willy colen dias the yes the old stuff was better but i liked the fact that they tried something different and the music is only slower because of the album theme
Dude the remix is aweasome but i prefer always the original version kkkk! ; D
hi This is the true site linkin park? because I wanted to write to chester ..

yes this is the true lp site :)


well yeah this is it!...the official lp website...even i cant believe it!


this song is just awesome.!   the way it fits in with the film t3 is amazing!

it is as if the song and the movie are one...

same meaning ,same soul...

kinda cool...

looking forward to the new video...

this video is kinda confusing and deep...

Original it is almost always the best. This remix is ​​also good. But, as I think of it more than expected)) .. I would like more explosive)

the song was great.. that was pretty cool.. i like it. :-)


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