Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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well it´s not to much the diference between the 2 tracks rigth?

I liked it. I also like the remix version but the original track is way better. :)

I think the remix is great, but I like the album version better because one of Brad's only solos on ATS can be heard in all its glory, while the remix shortens the solo, and the cool group vocals in the middle of it. However, the new drumbeat is a nice addition and it fits the tone of Transformers 3, I think. Also, the video is cool; I like how the outline of Optimus' helmet surrounds Chester's head at one point (Chester Prime!) and all the new special effects that are different from those of New Divide and Waiting for the End but equally awesome. Overall, the song is great and it has a great message about not losing hope in tough situations.


The original is the best :)

The remix is amazing, I don't think LP could do wrong...all the music is GREAT!


Yup :D

the origional is best..!!


origional is better...


well its the same whit a diferent tone rigth? anyway the 2 are amasing songs
I like the orginal but I love with the remix
is a good remix ;)!
i wanna linkin park make a song in nu metal again, i hope in next album

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