Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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are you single
not up 2 much wot bout u?

shantialewis said:
what you doing

I like this song. I would like a video for this.

♫ Do you fell cold and lost in desperation?

you built up hope but failure's all you've known

remember all the sadness and frustration

and let it go ♫

I like the studio version of "Iridescent" better than the remix, though I think the remix will fit better to the movie.

Totally looking forward to the video, it seems it will be crazy. I agree with Shinoda: "Joe Hahn is always full of surprises". The whole idea of the video wierd, but I agree with Mr. Hahn that its "a very stylistic approach".

i have to say that i'm looking foward to the video, the other two were pretty cool, they have their own style.


I love how iridescent totally explains my life

when it comes out the new video  of iridescent ? . However,the remix  i've heard and i really enjoyed

since its now official this song we''ll be featured in transformers 3 certainly it will have a huge impact on the popularity of the song


So good, anything is good from linkin park, cant wait to see the vid


Exist for 10 years, Linkin Park's never come to Vietnam. We all expected you come
So.... no Burning in the Skies in transformers 3 right? well still Iridescent is great reflex a little on what it says I'm sure that is the way that we have feel at least on a moment of our live
when does the video will be realase??
when does the video be realase??

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