Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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The part I like most is when the band sing along together "Do You feel cold in lost in desperation....". Unfortunately, it had been shortened. I will like the remix better if this part still included. Anyway, I like the drumming in intro and Brad's guitar sound clearly.
I think the video can go either way. They have had some awsome vidoes but at the same time they have had some that in my opinion were like "what am I watching...?" I do belive that it will be interesting to see what they come up with this time.
Our super anxious not wait to see remix version, but I think the music would have to have some rock beats'

the remix is awesome...and the hype is at its zenith. however i missed the crowd chorus in the remix, it was the signature of the song and now its gone. Nonethelesss, the song blew my minds off...!

And i am very very excited for the new music video. Lp has never done anything like this ever!

Linkin Park always has great remixes. This one is just as great as the original. <3
great job. i like it a lot (:

Ed Christopher Artillaga said:
The remix is cool.And I've been watching a video on MTV talking about the video Iridescent and I think this to be fantastic and I'm excited to see the result

Yes at my house almost everyone is waiting for the video. I saw some Behind the Scenes footage at mtv and it looks very interesting. Mr Hahn does have many surprises. Mike looks awesome with his new hair style lol.



I can't wait for the video! Never thought Mike would hold a snake in his hand.

Sylvia said:
great job. i like it a lot (:

Ed Christopher Artillaga said:
remix is cool, but as expectation is overwhelming om linkin park, so my opinion ......IN INITIAL STAGE A LITTLE SLOW DOWN OF BIT RATE (TEMPO) CAN INCREASE ITS QUALITY

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