Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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If you men the Transformers version, you can see it on linkinparktv on youtube

Paulo Cesar said:

hey I'm out of the remix, someone could send me a link to a good remix of the song?
I found the original interesting, I'm trying to look at the remix as well,but speaking of the Iridescent pulls a very similar way of seeing the clip New Divide

awesome same like the previous transformers theme



scusate, scrivo in italiano perchè non riesco a scriverlo in inglese questo commento (I don't speack english very wellxD) ...comunque io penso che la versione remix di iridescent sia fantastica, comunque io spererei di vedere il video di Blackout!:)



I'll try to translate what Saby96 (I've never learned Italian though haha) .......(no idea)... (I don't speack english very wellxD) ... i think that the remix version of Iridescent was fantastic, i'm looking forward to the video of Blackout! :)

P.S. My comment: xDxDxD

the original is more cool.......

burning in the skies wasnt a gud video but not able 2 wait 4 blackout video

thank's Rositsa!:D


This song will make history ... It is a song from the "Transformers: The OriginalSoundtracks Of Dark Moon" is a good music and... the lyrics are great and only means one thing... the end of the war...

An Amazing song made by an amazing band  with an amazing video ;D

Remix is also gud :)

Iridescent music is really cool, I hear it every day, I see that the timeto sleep. Anyway ... All Day
Both are amazing!! A true Linkin Soldier can support every Linkin Park single.
i love all of it cause no matter what linkin park is the best band ever!

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