Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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I think the remix is just OK. I personally would have preferred that they left it untouched. Iridescent is one of my favorite tracks off of ATS. That little sound that goes from beginning to end is a bit annoying if you pay attention to it but I think being that the film is Transformers we will be so used to loud noise by time the song hits we won't really mind it.

I prefer the original version yet this one still sounds great!!!!!!

can't wait for the video!!! Mr. Hahn rocks. iridescent looks epic in the movie, i remember the catalyst made that video game trailer real epic when the album came out!

O think the original song is a bit slow for LP, and the remix gave it a heavier rock style, so I prefer the remix.
really? I thought it made it sound more pop-like.

Anybody know where I can hear the ReMix?


LPNinja1996 said:

Anybody know where I can hear the ReMix?



Oh of course! thanks :S

Edgar Lira said:

LPNinja1996 said:

Anybody know where I can hear the ReMix?



linkin park in all is perfect


I love Iridescent! I listen to it EVERY morning when I'm getting ready. At times, I'll even listen to it on repeat(:
I really like the original version and I can not wait for the video to come out. I know it will b awesome!!!!!!! ; )

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