Discuss Linkin Park's new single here. Thoughts on the remix version? Looking forward to the new video?

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always the linkin parks^videos are exelents
i LOVE that iridescent is the new single! i fell in love with this song the second i heard it when the album dropped (not that i dont do that with all of their songs, but idk it was different with this one) i like the remix, but i do like the original better. the original, to me, has that more emotional feel to the way the lyrics are. but anyways, i cannot wait for the video!! when is it coming out???
Love the fact that the song's in the movie. Numb in Miami Vice was just stunning!!
well done guys!

Pascoe Andromais sending out a video that is malware, spyware and trojin infected.


This remix is so good.............. if u wnt to listen de remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnE4LY8uSpQ go here....... it awesome.......................  <3
i think that they should make a video for the rest of the songs on ATS and i like the catalyst in that one movie i forget wat its called
I just love it......

i liked the original alot & lookin forword to listin to the mix & the music video  :)


This is such a beautiful song the way it is.  When I hear it, the elegance is so subtle and convincing that I can't help but to imagine the devastating scenery taking place, which is why I had to write it down.  If anybody is interested, my interpretation of the song can be found HERE.  It was the least I could do to help preserve such a magnificent song and band.

Remix is nice, but the original studio version sounds much better, its a lovely song, and soothes everyones ears.!!
I love this song so much but I am wondering how the lyrics can possibly fit into the Transformers movie theme ?

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