There have been a ton of great submissions to the "Iridescent" artwork contest. Definitely make sure you check out the submissions below and vote for your favorite ones by "Favouriting" them. See all of the submissions HERE, and submit your own HERE.

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...and maybe Gimp :-), that it's free

LBWicks wanted to say that there s no need to be a Photoshop guru...lots of people did traditional art, scanned and just put logos on it..but yes, a graphic program is required...

Really great competition so far, tonnes of brilliant entries. Please check my entry out. (First time using Photoshop for anything other than photo-editting!!!)

Hope u'll like my art 


lokk ta my sumit....

think it is great.....

was very hard work...


i submit this, hope u like it^^

Hey maaaaan :D

This is my artWork :D

hey guys check out my artwork!!!!what do you think about it?if you like it add it to your fav!!!thanks!!!
awesome mahn ^_^

I personally think I don't have a chance of winning this contest...even though I tried to make my art stand out among the other entries *sigh* I did have fun drawing my entry out. but regardless if I win or not I  hope you guys enjoy my work.


love Jenny~

I took part in this contest ... i actually have drawn something for this contest, but then i've realized that almost everyone else just photoshoped stuff.. that made me sad...
Ustedes tienen que elegir el diseño de Iridescent... 
No por votos de los mismos Fans. Porque no todos votan... y el que tenga más "amigos" en su deviantart, hace que lo voten va a ganar... y nos es justo para el que se creó una cuenta y no tiene a nadie que lo vote.

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