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next card please!!!


i cant find the next one!!! ahhh!!!

TSE said:

anyone got phoenix's code? :)

it says straight to the band....I really dunno! :( try Linkinpark!

Is soo COOL! :D

Done. It's a download of their Moscow show.


doesn't it say "submit HERE" and "here" is in red, and when you click on it, it should take you to where you need to submit the code. 

ツvanilla_face ! ♥™ said:

i got taht too but it said to submit it do you know where ?

Ethan Levinskas said:


there's joes code. am i doing this right?

Ive got Joes code, WHERES PHOENIX'S?
I dont get it

"Straight to the band" And an audio clip of Chester saying the crowd is awesome leading into Burning In the Skies


Maybe its my explorer9 or win7.

Can click on stuff but nothing happens only the 'discuss' button works.

amazing prize at the end!! Thanks! LP4LIFE
"Straight to the band."
I tried that code at the Joe card, can click on the arrow right of it but nothing happens

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