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Thanks Bluselle :)

Love you ahaha !

how do you find Brad?


1-go to the link that i posted (http://linkin-parkfansite.blogspot.com/2011/07/iridescent-trading-cards.html)

2-You will see this :

Joe’s trading card: LinkinPark.com
Chester’s trading card: ArtistDirect.com
Mike’s trading card: Kerrang.com
Rob’s trading card: 103.1 The Buzz
Brad’s trading card: Ultimate-Guitar.com
Phoenix’s trading card: MetroLyrics.com

3-click all those links

4-once you check each link you will see the "trading card" in some place of the website

5-In each card theres an arrow in top rigth part that says "FLIP"

6-click that narrow

7-you'll see the card moving,"like" it on ur fb account and tweet it in your twitter :)

8-You will see the code,copy it and paste it were it belongs :)

and youll get your surprise :D

for spanish assitance just let me know xD


is the 3rd time that i posted this XD

haha np xD


Rob: mdkZXku
Brad: seHzJFx
Phoenix: nZNZe9G
Mike: 8NQLKZ5
Chester: s58y2Yq
Joe: sXMJfj

where i have to paste it o.0??????

dude you ruined the fun! is not that fun if u post all the codes u.u

TSE said:

anyone got phoenix's code? :)


I want code of mike

got all the codes (after some trouble), entered them and nothing....absolutely nothing.

Needless to say, I am upset!

I love the idea its badass to give fans special cards online i love it

very cool!!! lp are the best!!! =)


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