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How do we find these cards and codes?
Start finding the cards on Linkin Park.com.  Where it says about the iridescent trading cards from Brad, just under the -BBB you can click to find the first card. If u r using internet explorer and the card doesn't flip use another browser, google chrome worked 4 me.

Maniadaki Dimitra said:
How do we find these cards and codes?
What did you do after you found all the codes?

Fire Eyes said:

I found all the cards & got my download....sweet!

Thanks for the google chrome tip. I couldn't get it with internet explorer.


um i cant find this "digital glow" so to speak



TSE said:
top right hand corner it says flip
I'm searching for Rob's code now... but where? on his website?
What are codes? I don't know it! Help me!

someone got chesters code



I found all codes but I can't watch Live in Red Square. It's just white window :(

Live in red square is absoloutely amazing!

I accidently found Mike's & Phoenix's codes, Joe's wasn't too hard as it was emailed :P


The other three took a bit of thinking and looking all over the internet for an hour or two but got there in the end and it was deifinately worth it, Thankyou :)


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