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that was so fun :3
You might need to turn compatability mode on. That's what I had to do with them all.

Elizabeth Carmichael said:
I see Joe but can't flip the card, I double clicked on it. Am I doing something wrong??
I´ve you want?I can give you ;)

TSE said:

anyone got phoenix's code? :)



What do we do once we get the codes?

ツvanilla_face ! ♥™ said:

i got taht too but it said to submit it do you know where ?

Ethan Levinskas said:


there's joes code. am i doing this right?

where are the cards im so totally lost ugh :/

please someone help!!!

The Killer Blue said:

Done. It's a download of their Moscow show.

WTF is this? xD r they lik yugioh cards? do i get them in a cereal box? how do u do dis? xD geee


Ha ha you referenced a meme

Ethan Levinskas said:
im 12 and what is this?
how am i supposed to get these cards ?!? i dont understand, please help me !
Yes, i,ve unlocked it :))
I already got the price and it's awesome !

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