I am just wondering if anyone thinks the american punkrock band Green Day is as good as Linkin Park. There are a lot of people that think Linkin Park and Green Day are there favorite bands equaly. I want to know what you think about Green Day. 



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Greenday has some good songs like.. holiday, american idiot, bulavrd of broken dreams, do u knoe ur enemy and good ridance ( time of ur life) besides that bille joe is the WORST giutar player EVER

Melanie Michelle said:
Green Day may be good but they'll never be as good as Linkin Park. Thats what im saying

I went to their concert years ago because Jimmy Eat World (who I like a lot more) were backing them and that put me off them for life, they came across as really egotistical and afraid of fans showing them up (they invited some members of the audience onto stage to play the instruments for a bit and one girl was a brilliant guitarist from the few seconds I heard of her playing and they kicked her off stage immediately, but a guy who was really bad at drumming and another guy, who was a mediocre guitarist, they kept on stage for ages, like they wanted to say, "We're much better musicians than anyone else," and that girl threatened them in that so they felt they had to kick her off instead of celebrating her brilliance) and did some yuck sexual stuff on stage that I really did not appreciate.Hopefully they're much better people in real life but I did not appreciate them as a live band, Pearl Jam are miles and miles better, brilliant live, as are Powderfinger (not quite as good songs, IMO, but great live, very fun and engaging, leave you feeling really good).

mis bandas favoritas son green day y linkin park ! me encantan los dos pero green day pues lo eh escuchado desde mas chica y me encanta lo que han hecho en la musica, como revolucionan la onda punk... simplemente me encanta!

Green Day is really awesome, but LP is better somehow...

 There Both the best in the world. None are overated

There both amazing. None Overated ! 

Hhaahhhah they are good,but not nearly as good as LP ♥

Green Day is a good band, but I think that Linkin Park is better. I also got to see the American Idiot musical which was good.

both have reached their zenith in their respective field of music....
still LP rocks...!!!

No... Green day is a punk band that used to sing about p***ing in people's mouth... Unlike LP, there message is way better and talks about communist, drugs, warfare, dating("with you" and "in the end" do!) and therefore LP IS WAY MORE POPULAR THAN GREEN DAY!!! I MEAN WAY MORE real... green day changed their genre way too much and that's f***ing smart (not..) thier doing a similar to LP IS DOING... CHANGING THEIR GENRE AND MATURING AND GROWING UP! So no! Green day sucks pure A$$HOLE! That's okay... And their stupid-A$$ Bunny logo is stupid like $H!t...

I think yes.........they r growing.....bt i like both

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