I am just wondering if anyone thinks the american punkrock band Green Day is as good as Linkin Park. There are a lot of people that think Linkin Park and Green Day are there favorite bands equaly. I want to know what you think about Green Day. 



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ehh no, im not a fan of green day at all.

i like more Linkin Park but i think that Green Day is a great band too, we can't say wich band is best because they are not from the same genre, it's like comparing Linkin Park with My Chemical Romance or other bands, we can only say wich one we like best

Hybrid Theory said:

ehh no, im not a fan of green day at all.

I'm not a green day fan. I don't like their music and that's it.

I love Green Day, easily in the same league as Linkin Park!

In my opinion green day is good band, and have deserve for attentions but i think first Linkin Park then Green Daym
LP have more point too be 1st, and for sure linkin park is better than Green Day

Green Day Sucks .

let me make clear one thing to all green day fans.

linkin is,was and will be a revolution.

LP rocks GD sucks

I'm sorry... But Green Day is the Best Band EVER........ Linkin Park dosnt live up to what green day is.... Linkin Park.... I still love your music......

sachin said:

I think yes.........they r growing.....bt i like both

they are growig?... They have been around for 25 YEARS! and foot everybody else... give green day respect for what LP can never have

Si... de hecho es muiy buena banda.. <3


Guys & girls!

Green Day is yeah!Something,I mean something really Good but when it comes to Linkin Park,No!It can't be like that...LP is a neutral in fact multi-talented band..they cure you in every way in every mood swing anger,envy,love,sorrow,blame & everything like that through their wonderful music,isn't it guys?And Green Day,I feel like their so noisy!I'm no condemning but still Linkin park rocks truly :D


Linki Park is Love :3 <3

Please,for their sake support 'em *.*

i love green day , is my second favourite band :D

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