I am sorry, but what about people who took time off work to travel too your show? Who had to pay for hotels, airfare, rental cars, gas, and time to come? We lost more then the ticket value. This is as bad as the Superbowl. You come around every 4 years and expect us just to sit and accept an online apology. That is a joke. How about you refund our tickets times 3 the value. To pay people back for there time off work and above mentioned. At-least have the curtosy to send maybe an autographed picture or cd? What a waste of time. I will never buy tickets from Linkin Park again. Thanks for losing a fan!


PS. Yet I bet they do the Las Vegas show and the rest. You can re-schedule Houston and Dallas Texas but not the smaller venues in DC, Conn, and Cincy.


What are you going to do keep me being a fan. This is a smack in the face. If your truely that sick cancel the rest of your shows and get better.


BTW What is really wrong with you Chester? All we get is doctor orders. Is it really Doctors orders or Chesters orders?


I loved Linkin Park but feel like I have been shafted. I get a blog apology that probably wasn't even you writting it.


Thanks a lot!


You can agree or disagree with what I say but I think I speak for over 50,000 fans that wont get to see a show that easily paid 250 or more for 2 tickets if not more.

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Cool story bro.
It's not like he can help being sick. I was suppose to go to the Houston show tonight. Yesterday I informed my boss that I would not be taking the day off like I thought I would be and called my non-refundable hotel room and explained and they cancelled no penalties. Granted I did not have a flight but still that's what flight insurance is for. I'm sure the band does not want to cancel the shows. It probably pains Chester being sick and having to cancel show after show.. but he is human and human's get sick.
Not Tim Dudley. He never gets sick

I do. However you have to think of the people who paid a lot of money for airfare, hotel, and rental car? So how am I suppose to be reembursed for those expenses? So its all my fault. Maybe if he is really sick he should cancel all shows instead of just 3, and re-scheduling bigger venues.

If he does the MGM Grand later this week then we know I am right here. Until then don't act like you know me FreddyG.

In the end its the individuals choice to travel to go see LP. If they cancel a particular show you are attending, you will more than likely get a refund one way or another. LP never made you or anyone make those reservations for other particulars. I think its funny how you say they lost a fan because the lead singer of the band you paid money to go see got sick and wont be reimbursed more money than what you paid for.  Good riddance.
Next time take out travel insurance.. I got a refund on my hotel and it was a non-refundable room. Did you even try to move your flight, car, hotel to other dates? Did you try to get a refund on them?

"So its all my fault."

Hate to bring you to reality Tim but, yeah it is. You chose to buy airfare, get a hotel, rent a car.  Nobody made you. I didn't make you, certainly Linkin Park didn't make you. 


Honestly, Linkin Park doesn't really owe you anything other than a refund for your TICKET and an apology. That's the only word they need to keep because those are the rules of the game. When you buy a ticket and it doesn't get cancelled, you're on your own as far as how you get to the show. How much you are willing to dedicate to get you there, all falls on you.




Of all the LP concerts, and concerts in general, I've never gone to those lengths. I've bought the tickets, got in my car, bought some merchandise in the booth, and returned home the same day. Not even for meet and greets have I gone further than that. When a concert gets cancelled, all I expect back is my refund. I can't complain and ask them to pay for the extra twinkies I bought to hold me up on the trip. It doesn't work that way. The only thing you could do is take from this is a lesson to not fuck it up next time (such as get insurance), and that goes for all concerts by any artist.




Chester illness shouldn't be a surprise by now. Even wikipedia made a section for it. When I buy an LP ticket I actually take this into account. It wasn't a surprise that it was cancelled. The only news right now is, he fell ill and went to the hospital for it. Honestly, I would rather have him take his illness serious and rest than be forced to go on stage like that. Last time that happened, I lost one of my favorite artists.


You could twitter Chester (ChesterBe) and ask him yourself. 

"it is just you, this is not a joke." "Mr. Dudley, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this site is now dumber for having read this. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."


Yah I guess Tim Dudley is Mr. Perfect.  Linkin Park is not going to do anything for you to make you stay a fan of the band.  They will not feel sorry that you will not support them anymore.  I'm guessing you have never heard of other bands cancelling shows.  Hate to break it to you, but people get sick.  The only person you are speaking for is yourself, not 50,000 fans.  I feel embarrassed that fans like yourself demand some kind of reimbursement for your own decision.  When LP takes the stage in Vegas on Saturday, you will not be right.  Btw, they come around every 2-3 years.  If you had tickets to the Cincy show, it is only about 2 hours from Louisville (where it states you are from).  Hotels and airfare aren't really needed in that scenario.  You made the decision to pay the extra dime to see them in other long distance cities.  You got ripped off if you paid $250 for 2 tickets.


Bottomline: we wont miss you either on this site and wasting our time trying to make sense of your whining.

your whining is irritating. Chester gets sick a lot, this isn't something new. He is known for performing even at his worst conditions. He even performed with a broken wrist on shows before. So stop being such a self centered ass and get over it already. Stop making this fabricated story about chester faking it. Why would he do that on purpose just now and not on some of the previous shows where they didn't sell out, there were shows that had only half the arena full, or less. That makes no sense. And if he was indeed faking it, why cancel also the bigger venues when he can get "magically better" anytime he wants and perform them and add more shows on the rescheduled times. They wouldn't schedule a show just to cancel it for shit's sake, it's gonna cost them a lot. it's not profitable either cause they weren't doing anything for the whole week and only waited for chester to get better. you're unlucky and upset, that is what this is about.


And for the record, rescheduling the bigger venues is the right move to make. More fans are there, why would they reschedule the smaller ones? that would only mean more whining like this. You know they would reschedule all the shows if they can. But unfortunately, they don't have all the time in this world. I'm sorry you lost 250 dollars and all the other expenses, but I lost more cause I live in the other side of the world and that's 1000 dollars just to get to America. I am crushed but I don't complain because it's my choice and I don't want chester to keep pushing himself and do permanent damage.

I think the real crux of the frusteration and anger by the original poster is the fact they rescheduled two shows, yet offer no update or real answer for the 3 remaining canceled shows.  What makes it even more frustrating is that I can't remember a previous tour where they had to cancel a show and did not make it up or reschedule it (if someone can provide information to the contrary, please let me know since I can't think of an occasion off hand).  It's a pretty backhanded move towards their loyal fans in these 3 sold out venues, especially remaining completely silent on the matter.

"And for the record, rescheduling the bigger venues is the right move to make. More fans are there, why would they reschedule the smaller ones? that would only mean more whining like this. You know they would reschedule all the shows if they can. But unfortunately, they don't have all the time in this world."


Yeah, they only have 3 months between the end of their US Tour and their trip over to Europe for PR this summer ... no time at all to play 3 nights.

There is more than just linkin park involved in a reschedule.  I don't understand why ppl aren't getting that!!!! 


The venue has to allow it.. then venue has to have open time that works for everyone.. anyone else involved with the show has to have that time free.  


I'm sure they wanted to reschedule.

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