Is Julian Assange (the creator of Wikileaks) is in our opinion, the new face of rebellion? New Robin Hood the day the Internet?

Today Julian Assange arrested under the pretext of criminal charges. However, taking into account the activities of Wikileaks, it seems that mostly an excuse to spend Julian Assange U.S. sovereignty.

In total there anyone who exposes their actions to many governments, must
be aware that sooner or later be arrested and sentenced to long prison.

You could say that through his selfless dedication is something of a Robin
Hood of today, because as he, Julian also fights against the sovereign and is aware
that for the good of ideas will have to sacrifice.

However, the Robin Hoods of today, no one in the majesty of the law does not
deprive of life and it can be the only consolation for Julian.

And as you assess the actions of Julian and generally Wikileaks?

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Before you condemn Julian, please do think about it, as for us, people curious about the world, our  life would be tiring without  of access to information!


Would you like to live in China where the censoring and blocking Internet sites? And besides, the Assange activity  (not carrying with it a danger to life of persons affected) develop methods of intelligence work, since now they must introduce better safeguards.

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