I was a member of LPU from years 4-9, and when they upped the price, I flat out refused to buy it. I'm just wondering - are the giveaways really big? Are the meet & greets better? Is there anything so much better about it that's worth -that- much money? To put what $60 means to me in perspective, that's about 25% of 2 weeks pay for me.

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I joined during LPUX, but I've heard things about over LPU years. Many people share the same opinion as me, that LPU11 is amazing! I really love everything about it and think that it is totally worth all the money. It is a lot of money to pay at once, but it's like 5$ per month, seen this way... I guess it is expensive for us all, but as long as I am happy with it, I would rather spend the 60$ than regret not joining later :) If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me

Thanks. I've been thinking about joining up again, but just not sure about it. But when you think about it like being $5 a month, it doesn't sound too bad. $25 was a lot better than $60 though. Although looking at that package, it does come with some neat things. I guess my only real question would be if you know anything about what the meet & greets are like? I have been to one during Projekt Revolution 2007. Seeing them up close like that was really awesome, but everything felt so rushed. Like they sat behind a table, and I literally got to walk past them, got to say all of 2 words to Mike and had written the band a letter I got to hand off and that was it. If it's different now, that would make it worth the price for me. I saw that there is a $25 package for this year that I didn't see for LPU X, but I think I would rather go with the one that comes with all the neat stuff.

I think its worth it, you get the chance to goto a LPU Summit for free, plus M&G with summit or on its own as well as getting the t-shirt, cd package the comes together. So its a really decent price for joining. But then if there not touring in your city its more like meh.

but you still get access to the LPU boards and LPTV episodes to download. and you get to meet new people. but i just buy the package for the swag and the opportunity for M&G and the Summits, as well as the pre-sale tickets.

Also depends on how you value your money? If you think that the money can be spent on something that is better than this than spend it on that instead of a membership. Its the opportunity cost of giving up one thing for another. Which will make better of or worse off.

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