I just joined up in the hopes that I could find out a way to write a rather heartfelt email (or mail) that I've always thought to write Linkin Park, for years now. I've just always seen LP, pretty much from the start, as a band that more so than others - above all - has such an amazing potential to evolve, which has been confirmed with Thousand Suns, etc (which, sadly, I just really learned about and have been listening to this past week). That is, they've a greater potential to evolve than most other bands out there, (regardless of what anyone has ever said about which band is better, etc.). Of course, there is more that I wanted to include in the email/letter than that!


(And, of course - I should note that I've loved most all of their albums, to - very much including Thousand Suns, which has inspired the writing of this thread.)


So you know, I figured I might actually come on here finally and ask if there's any way to do that, short of needing to get to a concert or some such, since my circumstances are not such that I can really ever do that, unfortunately. I'd just really love to do it. Does anyone have any idea if this can be done?

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Hi Linkin Park! After listening to your albums all the time, every day, I've wrote a music. And guys, trust me, that music is made in your style! I'd like to share this rhythms with you!  Contact to me if you're interested in my offer! 

PS: I'm your very big fan, have raised on your songs!

PPS: my email: maggadr@gmail.com

here man im prett sure you can get them on this. i hope anyways!! http://www.fanmail.biz/1977.html

Hi there. We are one of the leading event management companies in India. Want to discuss the feasibility of getting LP here in india during the month of September (end) 2014.

Looking forward for your swift reply.


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Linkin Park
The Collective
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Suite 1050
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

From the guy's posting above is probably your best bet.

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