I just joined up in the hopes that I could find out a way to write a rather heartfelt email (or mail) that I've always thought to write Linkin Park, for years now. I've just always seen LP, pretty much from the start, as a band that more so than others - above all - has such an amazing potential to evolve, which has been confirmed with Thousand Suns, etc (which, sadly, I just really learned about and have been listening to this past week). That is, they've a greater potential to evolve than most other bands out there, (regardless of what anyone has ever said about which band is better, etc.). Of course, there is more that I wanted to include in the email/letter than that!


(And, of course - I should note that I've loved most all of their albums, to - very much including Thousand Suns, which has inspired the writing of this thread.)


So you know, I figured I might actually come on here finally and ask if there's any way to do that, short of needing to get to a concert or some such, since my circumstances are not such that I can really ever do that, unfortunately. I'd just really love to do it. Does anyone have any idea if this can be done?

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Hi Linkin Park! After listening to your albums all the time, every day, I've wrote a music. And guys, trust me, that music is made in your style! I'd like to share this rhythms with you!  Contact to me if you're interested in my offer! 

PS: I'm your very big fan, have raised on your songs!

PPS: my email: maggadr@gmail.com

here man im prett sure you can get them on this. i hope anyways!! http://www.fanmail.biz/1977.html

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