Hey guys, i know i made my remix too late but I'd be happy if i get a feedback and different opinions, plus u can post some remixes you like, specially because some are unknown or not much attention is paid to 'em. I personally like Xefusion's Remix the most ( http://mikeshinoda.com/2011/04/01/issho-ni-fan-remixes/ ) :)


Here is mine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyZI-10qYDU




The cold wind strokes my skin,
my eyes stare voidly as if it's not real
my tears stream down to my chin,
to the mud vocered concret underneath my feet
i dont wanna believe what happened right in front of me
my thoughts drive me numb the more i think
i wanna fall asleep and forget everything
turn back time and change things
but i feel weak, my energy disappeared
no words are able to reach me here,
fears still sit inside of me,
and my voice's too weak for you to be heard, im hurt
and anxious 'bout what happens next
dunno in what direction i should step
my consciousness cant let go of my head
my legs wont regain their strength
im near the edge, barely able to stand
unable to help myself
i feel restless, cant turn off my head,
im chased until i give in and fall into the darkness
about to give in and drift away
dunno if its gonna be ok
nothing can alleviate this pain,
i dont know what to say

I wanna close my eyes and find a place to rest
to deal with all the feelings inside of my chest
i wished i could forget but when i wake up its the same
and im retaken by the same wave of desperation
i dont have any sense of happyness left at all,
i wanna die once and then get up, to live once more
I breathe in the air, I wanna regain my strength,
i wanna find my path, i wanna feel their help
I wanna build a new place to stay,
i feel hopeless, it won't be the way its been
i'm here in between the ruins I've been living in,
but it wont be once again, cause none of it remained
except for the way i feel

Time just goes on it doesnt wait,
as if there's nothing wrong, as if there's no end,
as if the misery of one being doesnt mean a thing to the rest
I don't know if its ever gonna be ok,
its like all my precious things got washed away
nothing can alleviate this pain,
so what can i say

(4x)Breathe in


Greets, Kite

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