I would like to propose an idea of getting 500 + linkin park fans across america to come together in an event of during a live show take over the pit/floor area. I am not the first nor last to notice that linkin park shows have mellowed out. Fans stand around and are not moving and i wont have it. So i am looking for people who like to jump around, crowd surf and mosh, in effort to show linkin park themselves how a real crowd should be at a show. All suggestions and ideas are appreciated!

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Honestly, I like the fact that there are no real mosh pits during LP's shows. It would be weird to push people while Iridescent or Castle Of Glass. In Europe people jump and scream during the "crazy" (if you know what I mean) songs. So I wouldn't complain about this actually. Is it really that different in the US? 

Well yea I agree it would be weird lol there are certain songs that are appropriate moshing and others that are not. But sadley from the many live 2013 videos I've seen 90% of the crowd just stands there even when mike tells them to move around. I noticed other people were complaining as well. So I figured I'd make a post to see what other people thought as well. Linkin park does so much for its fans I feel like its only right to give them the crowd they deserve with lots of energy and fun. From being in a band myself, the crazier the crowd is the more fun the band has as well.

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