I went to the Augusta Regal Cinemas in Ga tonight to watch the concert. I arrived at 7:10. The concert is supposed to start at 7:30. There was a Linkin Park concert playing and they were playing BREAKING THE HABIT, or one close to it. The theater lights were still on so i thought the show didn't start and they were just playing a pre-show. At 7:30 the lights dimmed but the video kept going. I don't know if they showed us the right thing or they messed up somehow.

In the concert they played LIES GREED MISERY and the BLEED IT OUT/SABOTAGE and BURN IT DOWN. So if that's all the LIVING THINGS songs they played in that video, I guess I didn't miss much, except the Intro that was supposed to be AMAZING!... oh well, so for the others that went and watched it tonight, please let me know if they showed the right thing, just too early.. Thanks

Also, I didn't go talk to management, i just walked into another movie. I've got tickets for the Atlanta show so this was just to get me even more pumped up than i already am. 

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I was in the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 in New York, and so I can tell you a bit more...

You apparently missed a big part of the show. I arrived at 6:30, and at 7:00, they started a pre-show video, with some videoclips of songs from A Thousand Suns album, and advertisement for LPU11,...

At 7:30, they started with a making of the new videoclip of Burn It Down, and the clip itself. Then the concert in Berlin starts. 

The problem is, in my cinema, there was a problem with the video, which stops at the beginning of Breaking The Habit, and start again at the beginning of Burn It Down... We missed apparently about 15 min of the concert because of the problem, and the cinema decided to give to free tickets for everybody to apologize.

Maybe some other have other story to tell us about this night... 


Wow, I guess concert events are too much for cinemas to handle.. lol

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