hey guys !

as you all know, the pre-sale is going on right now. i just bought my ticket ! however, i couldn't pick my seat. i could only pick between reserved or general admission. even on my receipt, i still don't know where i will be seated.

did anyone else have the same problem ? are the seats just randomly chosen ?

thanks :)

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Yeah yeah yeah! Same here.... *L* And I didn't even know the presale was going on today, I was thinking tomorrow.... so I missed about an hour of it. I just got one ticket, so I'm hoping it won't be too bad of a seat. :/
Hi Stephanie, Thanks for your question. I have passed it on to LPHQ and will get back to you as soon as I have an answer. Which show are you going to?
Hi !
Thank you for passing on the question ! I am going to the Montréal show. Someone else asked the same one a bit before me and I just noticed that someone posted this link http://topspin.zendesk.com/entries/330336-what-are-my-seat-assignme... which explains that the seats will be assigned depending on the order of purchase.

Hey Stephanie,

The Reserved seats are just sections where LPU members can buy.  Unfortunately, I think it's on a first come first served basis on seating arrangements.  When I bought my tickets for the concert in Toronto I had no idea of what the seats where going to be.  I only found out after I received the tickets from TopSpin.

Luckly I got pretty good seats so I am happy.  I have heard from others...not so much luck.

Hope this helps!

Nicholas from Toronto!

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