I really am not sure at all who to contact so I figured I'd start here. My name is Katelyn.

I lost someone extremely close to me this year. His name is Kyle Schwab, and he is 22 years old. He was killed in a motorcycle accident on April 6 of this year. He was a West Point Cadet for 3 years, a 2012 graduate of Drexel University, and the purest at heart that one could hope to ever know. Talented in more ways that I could possibly cover in this comment, and had touched so many lives.

Linkin Park was his favorite band. And in memory of him, his sisters Jacque, Lauren, Tiffany and Katie, and his brother Erik and some of his closest friends including myself, have assembled over 30 of his closest friends and family, including his mother to go. We have already purchased all of our tickets for the August 17th show in NJ, but I was wondering if we could make a special request. His all time favorite Linkin Park song is "In The End" and listening to the words has great meaning to all of us now. I don't know who to talk to or how to reach out to the band, but it would mean so much if the lead singer could dedicate this song to Kyle.

If not, it is completely understandable, but I would greatly appreciate the thought. Please let me know any thoughts, or advice, and thank you so much for your time reading this.

Thanks from all Kyle's Friends and family!

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