My name is Alex Pop.

I am very interested in life and in the "why" part of it. I read a lot about everything in the quest of an answer. I listen to the bands song since i was a child, it always resonated with me.

I wanted to ask the band to do something for me only if you all agree.

I tried to write something that holds an answer to everything (Life, religion, meaning, science, wanting, sex, love, universe, morality, power, the illusion of empire etc)

I would be honored if your expertise in music can turn this poem in to a song with Chester's and Mike's voice. Of course you can remix / change the lyrics.

I have  experience with 3D graphics and motion animation (I am a graduate of Art Collage) and I would love to do the video clip.

Here is what I wrote :

Life duet

when a man chooses to want

only a smile can get a sparkle in his heart

but the man’s heart in not in his chest

because you see, the heart is in the mind to think

and the mind is in the heart to feel

flawless control in a duet starts to roll

from a sparkle in his heart is a fire in his mind

and a fire in his mind leaves the heart to it needs

for it wants the heart to only want a bigger fire for it then you can see

it is the heart who had betrayed us in the beginning of this journey

of swimming through life with the illusion of control

in need of feel and in feel on need

in need of food and in need of shelter

in need of power and in need of control

in the name of hearts dream, a crude dream to conquer all

First we must let our-self ignite

Because in our-self's is the mind in his control

Because everything is a reflection of a reflection

our consciousness is our thoughts only to ourselves to know

that's the law of universe in the things that roll

from small to big in a spiral cone

from the two particles in perfect motion

that forms the motion of it all


a star is born from its spiral core

so you and I can see

a sun to us and a sun to the galaxy

but a father of this planet and life on it to be

cause you see our planet in reality is another sun yet to be

is a cause in which we all grow one day and see

experience the journey of the universe in which we see

all things ever created and ever to be

because at its end end

we are all the same and equal in every way

one thought one mind one body

one final duet for the universe to sing

a mind of itself at everything that is and it can be

at the end we will all see

what the universe really is and can be

a true god will be born that we all take part in feel

only at the end of the end is all the same

and the fire from the heart is gone

only then the creation can began

again from the start of everything and back here to life

to the planet earth that holds life on its own

in a bigger spiral of the galactic core

it's all a duet of balancing the hole

cause the hole is itself the balance of it all

now an idea  will start

a different fire in our heart

and in this fire shall be

a new duet to sing for you and me

new control to form

mind over all

because it is in the mind that we live after all.

the fire is in life because immortal means complete

and like every heart needs to feel complete.

it is in our minds that we see

a blurry picture on what we think we feel

and what we think that he thinks he feels

and only then we forget to see the real

that is up to us to judge the good and bad

that for only us and no one else to see

in the light of a reflection we become true to everything

to judge or ridicule the real thing

for is up to us to see

how that survival in life is best to keep

how freedom is disappearing

and how fear is getting in

because fear is in the mind

the fear for the heart to stop to feel

because feel is the fear itself

because what we feel we need

and what makes need more

makes the fear for losing it all

you can’t have one without the other

or the other without one

is the hole and the everything

and the everything and the hole

to become complete

first one must become with one

and two of one shall be

and one they become from which you can see

the perfect art in creation

that the universe is and will be

the perfect manifestation of collaboration

that creates everything that is

and only the act of collaboration is

because it takes two to collaborate

it takes two to start a sparkle and a fire

it takes two to start a star

it takes two to feel everything that you are

If there is anyone out there that thinks that this could go really well with the Linkin Park style please join in the discussion.

Thank you all for your time,

Sincerely Alex Pop

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