I've been waiting years fro Linkin Park to come to New York, so when I heard they were playing the Nokia /Best Buy Theater I jumped online and did the research. I spnt my last 60 bucks on tickets to Uproar so I had to work for 6 hours in the pouring rain to get the money. I got my friends money so I could but all the tickets and sit togather. I jump through all the hoops with the preorders and whatnot. I wake up early to buy the tickets and find out it's a 2 ticket per customer limit and if you try to buy 2 more they cancel both your orders. What type of person goes to a concert in groups of 2? The only people your going to see there are couples and a room full of couples doesn't exactly make an exciting concert. I understand it's a small venue, but I've been to much smaller in large groups. Needless to say, I didn't screw my friends over and go with one other person, so your welcome for the 15 bucks.

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i'll buy your 2 tix if you still have them
Nah, I never got bought them.
Where did you read that your your orders would be canceled if you purchased more then 2 tickets?
ur crazy dude not go to a one of a kind concert just cause ur friends didnt have the same excitement you did about a upcoming show to me it seems maybe you need to be more for yourself in some instances or you will miss out on things maybe you will like or want to do that your friends cant or dont want to, and if you cared that much to see them what kind of friends dont stick by you and let you have a good time just cause they cant

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