Linkin park's music has reached the miss understood,the lonely, the insecure, I can go on and on. And I want to know how or in what way did linkin park's music reach you? You can even tell me what song made you feel like Linkin park is the music that understands you. P.S. I'll even post my own on there.

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I've been used, disrespected, put-down, bullied, and teased. When your treated like that you snap, like I did. I snaped i didn't leave my room (unless It was dinner) and didn't go to school for a month. Teachers called my home worried. Then one time I was coming up from down stairs after dinner and I heard music and I forgot I left my TV on and linkin park's crawling was playing, then papercut, then numb. It was some kind of LP playlist but I didn't care I just got up and started jumping to the music. My big sister opened the door so I turned of the TV sat down putting my bored face on then I saw her smile and walk away. I thought something was wrong with her when she smiled. But then on linkin park has been my life.
Linkin park is the sound track for your life, It is mine too.

John Martinez said:

I founded linkin park in 7th-8th grade and hybrid theory as well as bits of meteora really helped me hit the vibe I was feeling in that time. I was a lonley conserved and observant kid. As I grew I listened to linkin park's newer albums and followed there sound. The more mature I got the more of minutes to midnight I enjoyed. Now (in 10th grade) I listen to A Thousand Suns feeling a mutual vibe with the song of how society has come and am able to take the big picture and put it into perspective. Rather its Catalyst or Crawling...I can relate to words/beats/sound that linkin park presents.

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