I think Linkin Park needs to come back to Buffalo New York. I have been a fan for 10 years now (since I was 13). I have only been able to see them 3 times once in Rochester since they didn't make a stop here, and twice at Darien Lake the last time being 2007. I absolutely enjoy their concerts and wish they would stop back in buffalo again whether it be Darien Lake or the First Niagara center, but I am hoping to the see them this year or hopefully maybe next year. 

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MACEDONIAA, OR maybe somewhere in the BALKAN'S COUNTRIES, where they haven't been yet and in which there are tons of linkin park FANS !!!

Ivan Serafimovski said:

Realy whuy dont you come to Macedonia it's a great place for concerts :D

drvo si angliski :D

they should come to North Carolina.

Maria Ralpovska said:

It's not fair !!! Some of you guys have been on a concert two or three times ! and you say it's ONLY two or three :O what about the rest of us who haven't seen them not even once ?
Come to Europe ! Macedonia !

Yes, couldn't agree more :)

Come to Macedonia u have a lot of loyal fans, were tired of YOUTUBE HOME CONCERTS :D

Macedonia - royal fans

Come to Macedonia!!!

Soooo many fans want you to come to somewhere around europe. New european tour?? Plz??

Macedonia! And hey do add it as a country when you sign up. You have lots of fans here please do respect them! Love LINKIN PARK!

I think they should come make a stop in Phoenix, AZ. When the weather is nice though, (now through spring). I have been a fan all my life, am 18 and have not gotten the chance to see them live ever. I hope this year will be the first!

Maria Ralpovska said:

I'm Maria and i'm from Macedonia.
i love linkin park very much, i know all of their songs and albums. Whenever i'm sad or nervous i listen to their songs and i cheer up :) i can't live without them :) i would be realy happy if i could see them :P
please, come to Macedonia :) love you

srce toa, si ja kaza makata :P haha :*

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