I think Linkin Park needs to come back to Buffalo New York. I have been a fan for 10 years now (since I was 13). I have only been able to see them 3 times once in Rochester since they didn't make a stop here, and twice at Darien Lake the last time being 2007. I absolutely enjoy their concerts and wish they would stop back in buffalo again whether it be Darien Lake or the First Niagara center, but I am hoping to the see them this year or hopefully maybe next year. 

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I would love for them to come back to Missouri...Kansas City or St. Louis!! PLEASE!! I'm dying to go to another concert with my fiance!!! <3

or belarus, because I live there.
I have been a fan LP for 10 years(sinse I was 3)! One day my best friend(older than me 9 years) included LP-Numb, as he later told me, I jumped and howled song!! He said that it was very funny!)

Upstate New York! NYC isn't the only city in the state! Come to Albany! Or somewhere closer than Boston and NYC, at least.

Please come to Hong Kong...!!

Eastern Europe please!

they must come to germany! :)

I would like them to come and play at The Eden Project for purely selfish reasons, that it is 20 miles from where I live

yeah they must come to germany

Lara said:

they must come to germany! :)

Oh, please come to Arizona! I would love to see you guys in concert. And Chester would get to come back home. I would sure be there.

Everyone wants you to come to their home, why not go to Chester's? Arizona!!! I'm sure there are thousands of people like me who have never had the chance to see you guys except on TV.
And it's nice and warm!

Come to the UK!!! I have never seen Linkin Park before but would love to see them :D Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham would be amazing

Please come to Barcelona, Spain. Here you have many fans!!

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