I think Linkin Park needs to come back to Buffalo New York. I have been a fan for 10 years now (since I was 13). I have only been able to see them 3 times once in Rochester since they didn't make a stop here, and twice at Darien Lake the last time being 2007. I absolutely enjoy their concerts and wish they would stop back in buffalo again whether it be Darien Lake or the First Niagara center, but I am hoping to the see them this year or hopefully maybe next year. 

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I hope They'll come to Poland in 2013 too. I love them <3!!! I must go to their concert!!!

I say come down to Savannah Georgia because I never bn to their concerts, or any concerts really I pray that they come here
Lp should come and check us out in Pittsburgh,pa, We would love to have you guys.. Keep up the great music.We luv LP xoxo!

Anywhere in Ireland, please. You missed us in 2011 so i'm badly hoping for a concert some time next year.
Anyway, decide wise. I love you guys!

They Should TOTALLY GO TO SYRACUSE, NEW YORK! It has been 5 years since they have came there, and at the point I didn't know what Linkin Park music was. I didn't even go! I really wan to go and all of New York State will warmly welcome you! Please visit us again <3!

I beg you to come to Belgium! You've been there just 2 times en now I finally have the permission from my parents to go watch you, when you're in Belgium of course. so please come to Belgium, that would mean the hole world for me because you guys keep me standing straight!!!!!!!!!!

Argentinaaaaaa :D

Northern Ireland!! :PP

they been here in 2008..its sooo long ago.and it will be awsome/great/the best thing what ever can happen,if they will come to Latvia !

Middle Europe /Austria, Slovakia, Hungary/

Kiuruvesi, Finland!... I live there nowadays. No. I'll happily travel to Helsinki to see the guys in action. But the finnish countryside is so beautiful, so do consider! :P


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