I was looking through some of the forums on this website about 'A Thousand Suns'. Majority of the posts on the album are negative, while very few are in favour of the album. I will again focus on the negative reviews, but in a different way. The concentration is on the lyrical content this time. I read a post by a certain user whose name I do not remember, I also forgot his comment as a whole, but I do remember basically what he was driving at. It went along the lines of:

'I'm sick of all these bands writing political lyrics, always bitching about what some government is doing to them, I don't wanna hear that. Keep your music the way it was.......''

Well, that just summed it up. Here's my response to that;

It's natural for some people to reject anything politically inclined, I am not a lover of political matters myself. But there are exceptions, and Linkin Park's music is one. Two albums and dozens of songs about angst, alienation, parental and drug problems and not fitting in at high-school are enough. Linkin Park always has a good message in their music, so I think it's time to extend that good message to what really matters in this world; War, Poverty, Hunger, Economic Calamity, Political and Social injustice. Linkin Park has done this without taking away the personal elements of the lyrics. The album can still relate to you personally if you choose to see it that way. But the idea of the lyrical content is to take the subject of the music away from ourselves and onto the world as a whole, and to relate it to people who are undergoing such malicious disasters. I don't know if you watch CNN or read about current affairs, people are ''cold and lost in desperation'', ''waiting on the edge of the unknown'', ''living under the loaded gun'' and literally suffering for ''the sins of their fathers''. There are numerous examples of such, when you look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Ossetia, Pakistan, Sudan and countless other countries where people suffer horrific maltreatment. I read a CNN blog about kids in Pakistan coerced and indoctrinated by the Taliban to pursue the violent and murderous path of ''The Crusade against the west'' which includes suicide bombing. It was really terrible, these kids deserve a good chance at life, they don't beg to be born yet undergo such terror at the hands of their fellow ''human beings''. That is just an example, but the main point of this post is to facilitate the lyrical content of ''A Thousand Suns''. Who knows, maybe if Osama bin Laden listened to Linkin Park and let the lyrics speak to him, 9/11 wouldn't have happened. Adolf Hitler would not have massacred six million Jewish people if he had listened to 'A Thousand Suns' and let the lyrics influence his actions.

I will close by quoting one of my favourite Nickelback songs; ''If everyone loved and nobody lied, If everyone shared and swallowed their pride, we'd see the day that nobody died.''

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U write gr8..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:)U must be an author............:)
nice cool blog dude
I like your article...anyway, all those complaints are just the minority, really. It's just that they voice their opinions LOUDLY on every post about ATS they can get their hands on. They either, hate the lyrics, hate the "softness", or just plain hate it and be nasty about it because they have other bands they root for and Linkin Park is besting and beating those bands on charts and stuff. I remembered one person came here making an account just to say that linkin park's song "iridescent" is a copycat of a song from some other band, which is total bull crap. I think he was trying to convince LP fans to hate them, lol its funny and desperate.

More people love ATS than those that don't, actually. People who can grasp the underlying message of a thousand suns and appreciate it are those that are truly mature and understand what its like to live in a shitty world and stay fairly positive. And these people don't need to express their opinions every chance they get, no need to argue with individuals who you know won't change their opinions anyway. It's idiotic.

So yeah...MORE power to LP! They did a great job! It doesn't have take another person to convince other people that the album is awesome, the music speaks for itself.
I read it, like i promised and you're soooo right. I like that article!!

I think, the people, who say about 'A Thousand Suns' that it's crap, didnt really listen to it and didnt read between the lines of the songs, or just dont care about the world we're living in.
On Hybrid Theory and Meteora the Boys fought with their own demons and thats what they put in the lyrics of the songs. They dealed with their personal problems of being different in some ways.
NOW they've grown up and they got over they're demons of the past. they care about our world and thats what their songs are about. They're trying to admit that the world is in a great danger and that it's humanity's fault. The personal demons have changed into the problems of the whole world. Linkin Park just tries to tell the world: hey, we can't fix what we did wrong in the past but we have to change our world's future, otherwise our problems will be a lot bigger than now. So we gotta do something against it!
And thats why I like the new record and the new sound, because they've grown up and they have something to say and because they're brave enough to say it out loud.
Thanks for the blog :)
I actually like the fact that LP took a political turn and still brought their personal lyrics they are known for. I'm like you, I don't want too much of it, but LP knows how to balance that just right. Some people tend to complain about the sound of the album but are not listening to the lyrics, which puzzled me. When I first listened to it, the lyrics were the ones that stood out most, not how much Chester was screaming or how much Mike was rapping.

You are a very good at writing by the way. I like the part that you said, "Who knows, maybe if Osama bin Laden listened to Linkin Park and let the lyrics speak to him, 9/11 wouldn't have happened. Adolf Hitler would not have massacred six million Jewish people if he had listened to 'A Thousand Suns' and let the lyrics influence his actions."

Good blogging.

thanx a lot 

i luv linkin park even more now


That guy must've got a slap by words!!! 

Awesome reply and dude, i completely agree!

I was wondering what the lyrics in "Countdown" by Rush meant. Or if they are what they are. As in that their is no political message in it.
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