Well, I wanted people and if some day the members of
Linkin Park to read this because I like this band and what they did in
their last tour (I don't know if what happened applies to the whole
tour or just to the concert in Argentina) was just stealing their fans
that went to their concert to listen to some good music.
The prices were: (Pesos; Dollars)
 $ 385,00 + $ 40,00 = 105 US Dollars
 $ 345,00 + $ 35,00 = 92 US Dollars
 $ 205,00 + $ 23,00 = 60 US Dollars
 $ 125,00 + $ 15,00 = 35 US Dollars

I don't know what the prices for concerts in the US and rest of the world
are but the first two prices are what Rush (like the band or not its a
band with much more expierience and much older band) tickets costed.
This amount of money is alot for concerts in the country, only really
big bands ask for that money, for example VIP seats for Roger Waters
costed the same amoun than a normal sit on the stadium for Linkin Park
(that's why the stadium wasn't full and just about 3/4).
Well, the problem here isn't just the money, the problem is that it just wasnt real worth it, for that money the band shouldn't:
-Play with no surround sound equipement (sound amplfiers and speakers were only placed in the stage)
-Have such a bad sound that if you were standing in the second half of the
stadium you couldn't listen (without exagerating) the beginning of the
songs, later the volume was put up but it was after they played New
Divide and Faint, so actually they already lost two of their best
songs. The volume wasn't high enough for a normal concert after they
turned it up, an example is when Chester sings the: Hear me out now,
you're gonna listen to me like it or not ... it wasn't powerful enough
becaue of the volume. And in some songs where some drum things are
recorded and reproduced in the concert the drums were taken so low that
every time Rob used some crash or any simbal, there was nothing I could
listen or the people with me could.
-Play 1.15 Hours of music, it was by far the shortest concert I have been to, even some bands playing
before big ones play more than that. Even when the people asked for one
more song they just left.
Well these three problems made the concert be fucked up, it wasn't just me, i heard lots of people at the exits complaining.
Well, to end this doesn't mean I will stop listening to Linkin Park, and I
dont think everyone at Argentina should, but the manager or the one in
charge of the concerts in my opinion should organize a new concert at
Argentina in not a very long time, with no such prices, with good sound
amplification and not such short tracklist.
Thanks for reading my post.

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De onda, pero si sos fan vas o vas ^^. Nada de llorar.
PD: Es un Tour esto flaco. Tocan y se van y asi en todos lados que iran de aca hasta que termine el Tour.
ya se que es un tour y entiendo perfectamente, y eso de dnada de llorar la verdad es que no tiene sentido ya que pague un monton de guita a una banda que aunque me encanta no es musicalmente PERFECTA y el recital tuvo miles de errores mas que cualquier otro recital al que asisti, si todos los paises alos que le hicieron el tour tocaron 1.15 mins y cobraron eso estran cagando a sus propios fans
Hola, chicos nose si abran escuchado, pero el problema con el sonido aparentemente fue por culpa de las autoridades del lugar y del gobierno, ellos implementaron el nivel del volumen,asique no fue culpa de la banda. y guido, si pensas que linkin park no es musicalmente perfecta, ni te huvieras gastado en ir. Para mi es perfecta, y no fue gastar plata, fue una inversion ir a ver a esta banda, y agradesco mucho que allan venido a la Argentina.
La cosa es que si amas a la banda o algo que te gusta, compras y listo, invertis en algo que te encanta. En este casi Linkin Park, el gobierno de nuestro pais es un asco, que no difunde cultura y no deja difundirla, prefieren la cumbia de mierda que a ACDC o a los Rollins, etc.
The show was awsome. about the prices i think they were ok, because with low prices all ppl that want to disturb the show can go, so if u like LP pay!, about the sound it sucks :S very low, i dreamed with a high sounds for this concert but it wasnt.. I hope u return to Argentina, ill be there again! GL

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