Last year I spent a good month creating a chilled out remix of 'Cure For The Itch'. I posted the track up on Youtube last year (crediting the band) and it seemed to go down well to Linkin Park Fans but some didn't like it. I would like anyone who is viewing this page to take the time to listen to the remix and leave a comment below. For me this will determine if it is a good attempt in remixing the legendary track. 


Before you click on the link let me give you the facts. There is no scratching on it but all the key elements (chord progressions and hook lines) are there, also there is a change in the chord progression to the original track and just incase you're wondering all the instruments are VST's.


What more can I say I hope You (Linkin Park and Fans) enjoy this chilled remix.

 - Paul Jackson


Artist: Linkin Park | Song: Cure For The Itch | Album: Hybrid Theory

Released in: October 24, 2000 | Remixed by: Paul Jackson (in 2010)

 Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch (Remixed by Paul Jackson)

Paul Jackson's Page

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