Just as the name implies, this topic is to discuss all the weird (or not so weird) LP dreams youve ever had.

Before I start I just want to say that I checked this place and did not see a thread like this, but if I am wrong, please let me know so I can remove it, or get a mod or admin to remove it for me. On a similar note, if you see that I posted the thread in the wrong section please let me know so that it can be fixed.

Now that I have that out of the way, let the discussion begin! I'll kick it off with one of my weird LP dreams.


 This one was long so I'll try to cut it short.


After constantly running into the guys from LP I end up, somehow, talkin to Mike about just random stuff and we go to all these different places, and the rest of the guys are with us. I do remember being able to tell Mike how awesome ATS is and how it affected me, well it was about that time Mike should his I-Phone in my face and I just kind of stare at it like, "WTF is this in my face?" but then I notice a random app called the "Dentist app." Apparently it was some sort of "interactive" game on the I-Phone and when I clicked on it Mike said,

"Yes! You fell for it!" and he was playing the game, and every time he did something to the patient on the game, I could feel it. It sucked. I was like, "Mike, you suck!I hate you!" he responded, "Yea, Chester said the same thing."

As if this dream wasn't weird enough, we somehow ended up at Chester's place and I met his kids...the weird thing here is that the two younger kids were girls, and the two older ones were...bears!? o.o In the dream, even this part didn't make sense to me. I remember Chester had like a cheese cake in his hand and said, "I'm gonna go feed the bear! ^^" and I was like, "Chester, I don't think you should feed the bear cheesecake." and in the most innocent voice with a puppy-eyed expression to match, Chester says, "...but, its his birthday!" and i responded "but its a bear, Chester!" and I look over at the guys, who are sitting on the sofa, and they're just kind of shaking their heads at me, so I say, "Never mind, go ahead."  and then Chester skips off and does whatever.


So I turn back to the guys and Brad was like, "Did Mike ever tell you about the time Chester tried to bring the bears on tour with us?" My response was "no"  and for the rest of the dream Brad and Mike were explaining how Chester tried to take bears on tour....it was extremely odd and far too long to type. sorry.



So....what are your weird (or not so weird) Linkin Park dreams (daydreams also count)?
















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