Thanks to all the LP fans who have done so much to support the band's non-profit organization, Music for Relief! Tell us what you've done to help disaster victims or reduce global warming through MFR.
You can also post here to give us suggestions, ideas and ways that you would like to make a difference.

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I just want to say how much fun it was getting to hang out at the Music for Relief tent at Epicenter! Everyone was amazing, and there was so much to do, and a lot to learn about.
I've been using my Music for Relief bag I bought there for everything from grocery shopping to carrying stuff for work.
I can't wait to become more involved!
I know it's not much, but today I texted RELIEF to 90999 and got my confirmation text that my $5 donation has been made :]
I donated 5$ by texting RELIEF... not much but i don't think i can do much right now. I hope i can go do some volunteering someday
I donated several times through That site is pretty amazing and has a lots of info on many topics,how you can help,donation,...Everything you need to know is on
There can even international(people outside of USA,like myself) can help and donate.
I'm also everyday on SocialVibe and I'm trying to get some of my friends to help.
I'm also using less of power,PC is less on and I buy eco friendly stuff. At home we recycle things ,...
Let's all help Haiti. Our site is already supporting the victims of this tragedy.

We are together in this mega humanitarian aid, help you too

Junior Kenji
Yesterday I donated 10$ to Haiti by Paypal with Music for Relief. I hope this little cuantity with the other little cuantities of all the world, can help in this tragic situation...
First off I just want to say "Thank You" to everyone who has helped in any relief effort in any shape or form. Be it a monetary donation, giving up your time as a volunteer or just spreading the word. Being personally affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita(yes we evacuated 2 times) I know what it is like to have to go through something horrible as a natural disaster.Sadly there's much more that needs to be done but I think we will all manage to get through whatever crisis may arise.One good thing that can come out of a disaster is the human element of kindness. A lot of people band together just out of compassion just to help each other and that I think is a remarkable thing. So once again Thank You for helping out in every little way you can. That's all we can do , is to try.

As for what I've done for MFR? I have a Causes box displayed up on my Facebook page to help spread the word, donated some money through the site also, Donated in person once at a MFR tent booth at Projekt Revolution 2008 Hartford,CT.
This is awesome work. Thank you so much for guys of Linkin Park, your made good job!
lets join hands and help them together :( , i will do my best and support them as much as i can

i donated Money
Yesterday I donated 5$ to "Music For Relief" organization to help victims of the Haiti tragedy as more as i can... No doubt, this is the horror tragedy, not just the Haiti tragedy, but all mankind too. In this situation we must stay people, but not those who doesn't care about anyone needed us. We must help each other as more as we can, because we're all people!
Couldn't do more than donate yet.... and trying other people to do so.

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