Discuss the contest here. What are some of your favorite tracks that you've heard so far? Which is the most unique? Let us know.

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Hi! Who it depends on that you may come this magyarországra to give concerts? Hi, L. Miklós

vienen a peru ? o como es :S ¿?
hey linkin park...;
you can design a gutar solo in an acoustic or bass and add it to this song
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Personal I'm sorry to post it here, but how do you contact someone responsible for the site? By the way do not speak English, I'm using Google translator, if they can answer in Portuguese I would be grateful. Thank you.
The part gets epic at like the end of the first quarter of the remix!

Evgeny Jacky Chikov said:

you can check out my remix, i'm so sad, that can't entering contest(((((((((
Among my favorite songs are, Numb (my personal anthem), lying
from you (very good for spite), papercut (for tutusiar) Given Up (for
rumba) and The Catalyst (the best of the new ),,,, The song is unique in its
gender, Numb, that is unparalleled and the best group of nu-metal world
LINKIN PARK, of course!!

HI mike, Chris from Australia, can you tell me please please what dates you guy's are coming here

Mike said:
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MTV.com and VH1.com global online premiere of "The Catalyst" video on August 26th 12am EST. Primetime on air premiere at 8pm

Linkin Park - The Catalyst (Vma5) by Vma5
Here's my remix of the catalyst. I wasn't allowed to enter the competition, but I made a remix anyway.
Your new song the catalyst, I would say, is the most unique. It has a different style to it, like a pop rock techno new age metal song, it's to me an unkown genre that speaks for it's self.

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