Discuss the contest here. What are some of your favorite tracks that you've heard so far? Which is the most unique? Let us know.

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My favourite Linkin Park Song is Given Up because its Meatel, but it has got an easy Rhythm Guitar and the screaming is fucking good. I love this. Linking Park should do more songs like this. They still rock....
How sad .. I just found the best remix of the catalyst ..
Nice Cover, I just downloaded it... ;)
LOL...thousand is spelt wrong in the picture, and its "a thousand suns"...meh~

ridwan said:

If you guys ever come to St. Louis, it would be nice if you would personally invite me to a comfortable seat right near you guys!  Some cold beers is all I need!  ha!
Great idea!!!!
They actually "rock that shit" and I love theyr album, cause it's really atypical for Linkin Park. I never expected something in that way. The only thing that I find bad about it are the short "gap fillers", eg. "Empty Spaces".
But I really love "Burning in the Skies", "When They Come For Me", "Robot Boy", "Waitin for the end", "Iridescent" and The Catalyst". But the song I love I love the most because it's the first accoustic song LP did is "The Messenger. they should do more more accoustic songs!!!!!

I don't have a credit card I don't trust internet --

I'm gonna have to get down on my knees and beg for a membership if that's what it takes.

!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! LP... help me!!!!!!


How can I become a member and pay my contribution? even without a credit card, etc. can i not transferred to LP account??? Please help me!!!


I would to like after many years loyal fan, to a Meet and Greet, but I am not a member! I want to become one!


Thanks Nancy


hey guys i absolutely love the song When they come for me in the a thousands suns album. especially the drum beat at the started, its very different to the rock song i hear. any way is there another album out because i absolutely love the a thousand suns album
He is very handsome and love songs.
i like the remix who win ;D
My favorite song is one step closer because of the metal feel to it and castle of glass is my most recent fav.
Fab :)

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