Discuss the contest here. What are some of your favorite tracks that you've heard so far? Which is the most unique? Let us know.

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but hey, did you guys hear the remix by Xefusion? there's only teaser of it avaible for now on youtube but it promises to sound pretty good! be sure to check it out.
wow this is really good!! good job!

wtf_link said:
i may be 12 yrs old going on 13, but i still wanna make a remix..... dis is gonna be fun :D
Hey, Guys i spent a good 12 hours straight on this over the past 3 days, please tell me what you think!
Are we allowed to add our own lyrics to the remix we make?
I sent Mike a message about this too. I was writing rap lyrics for this part, but I read this part later in the rules:

"Personal Assets must NOT include use of lyrics or singing; vocal enhancements, if any, must be strictly limited to sound effects (i.e., beat box)"

Hopefully, if this means we can't write rhymes to the song, that they rethink this rule.

Derek Masterson said:
Are we allowed to add our own lyrics to the remix we make?
Dood....Sharp,Very Sharp!

Uri Senanayake said:
youtube :D

Richard said:
Where can I hear the remixes?
Sounds great!

Evgeny Jacky Chikov said:

you can check out my remix, i'm so sad, that can't entering contest(((((((((
Is it me or are all the tracks a different time sig.

it would appear that even the vocal track is split into two different bpm's.

i wish we could get chest's vocals separate =o(

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