Discuss the contest here. What are some of your favorite tracks that you've heard so far? Which is the most unique? Let us know.

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Linkin Park - Catalyst (asinamix) ELECTRO RE-MIX by asina

check it out
so sad i cant join this competition.. here's my remix
What's up everyone? Here's my remix to "The Catalyst"

Mauro- Linkin Park The Catalyst by maurotheproducer
the best remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwScnI1pslc / http://www.indabamusic.com/submissions/show/22962
made by Mr. Bonk..
listen to it and admit that it's better than the 1st one.. (this one is currently 2nd)
"Voted. This is MUSIC!"
"I think he should be #1. ... I liked this one from the start. It kind of remind me of Breaking the Habit. I love it! He has to win!"
"Best one so far! Of all none has caught my attention like this one! Genious ^_^ "
"this is the best remix i've heard. the rest remixes are sh*t."
"you should be in first i love how you made it slow then BOOM it rocks and i voted for you"
Hey all, here's my mix. Vote!
Hey everyone its Fresco, upcoming producer in Southern California. Check out my remix! This remix could be a winner with your help =) Enjoy!

Also check me out on Youtube @ Frescobangaz watch Beat Making Videos, Tutorials, Upcoming Artists, such as Amber Blu and LX, In The Studio with and More!

Am i the only person in the world who would give anything to see mike have the spikey red hair, chester with the spikey blonde? brad,rob and pheonix bald again

Mike, you say in the fort minor song "get me gone" how the label wanted to change you
you guys changed yourselves, into the very image you didnt want.

I saw you at download 2007, i was right at the front, and i wanted to see baggy jeans, backwards caps and good old, unspoilt, gritty, aggro driven nu metal

i was sourly dissapointed, not even the extra long breakdown at the end of faint was enough to lift my spirits, and faints one of my favorite songs,,,,

They say its a dead genre, if nu metal is dead, then your sound that made me fall in love with you guys is dead too

But i wanna bring it back, kicking and screaming into the here and now, not with a "shiney new sound to shock the critics" but the way it used to be...

limp bizkit have got the right idea, they're back together coz they're shit tired of how the music scene is these days, its only a matter of time till other bands follow suit....

the PRS LP signatures... and ibanez 7 strings....
the baggy jeans and the PROPER rap vocals

Bring them back, not jus for my sake.
but for music everywhere

Die hard LP street soldier from 1999 - 2006

P.S, Brad, Dude, Seriously, The Frank Zappa Look isnt cool anymore man....
Please check me out when you have time! Then if you like it, give me your votes. I hope you like it. Thanks!

check out my remix guys! last 2 hours!! please COMMENT!!!

This one is pretty good, one of my favorites. I love the beat.

Richard said:
Wow this awesome!

wtf_link said:

mike this is are you talking abaut
i don't usually do this..

but give my remix a spin and see what you think :D

would be nice to get a vote or 2 :) haha

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