Discuss the contest here. What are some of your favorite tracks that you've heard so far? Which is the most unique? Let us know.

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hmnmm...."catalyst" is definitely something that has to grow onto you over time.
Wow ok so I guess I have to vent a little here, I'm very disappointed with the new direction this is going, i grew up with Linkin Park they had such and original style and I truly hope someone from the band reads this. You guys were great, you still are anyone who listened to the stems that you released and heard the pure vocals...omg, Chester you can sing, Mike you can too....but what has happened to the music. I remember being able to put on Hybrid Theory or Meteora and just close my eyes and drift into this other world where nothing else mattered....the entire albums were perfect. Then Minutes to Midnight comes along and I feel like I'm just hitting the back button and replaying like 2 songs over and over...It was sad I felt one of the best songs on the album was the extra track No Roads Left.....Is that wrong....that song felt like the Linkin Park of old....its what I want back...You guys were original and while i totally agree that you should do what makes you happy I would love to come along for the ride and be happy to. Your style doesn't need to change in order to keep originality. No one sounded like you before and still no one has filled the gap you left with your original style. You were one of a kind and always will be. I listen to this new song and I feel like I'm at a Japanese rave party....does anyone else? Then I listen to the version you picked to win the LPFY contest and I'm left screaming WTF at the computer....Anyway I'm just throwing my opinion in the mix....don't know if it means anything or if anyone actually reads these posts... its just constructive criticism i still love you guys and think you are great people, I just want my old band back....

And now if you survive the wall of text above I am posting this because im not sure if it has been posted here yet. But this guy won the community version of the contest,,,(not sure who ran that) found it on youtube and decided to let you guys all hear it... I love this..when the acoustic guitar comes in OMG I just close my eyes and its perfect...i mean perfect in every way... what do you guys think....?

The catalyst remix by theory of meteora by user6575419
I think mine Sounds similar to the original.
This is my remix I did a couple weeks back, comment and rate please! Check out the end as well I tried to make similar to the song 'Wake' on the 'Minutes to Midnight' album. Thanks.

Rock version of Linkin Parks new Single "The Catalyst" can be found right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsW2evVlQ1Q
or Search 4 "Catalyst rock"
ı want to share a singer with you.ı thınk you can him .
Born on February 2, 1981 in Isparta, Emre Aydın with his group 6. Cadde left 1574 contestants behind and came first with their song �Dönersen� in �Sing Your Song� music composition contest held in Turkey.

In 2006, he released his first solo album �Afili Yalnızlık� whose lyrics and music belong to him except for the cover version of �Hareket Vakti�. Many people liked this album with its theme of loneliness due its performance and salient lyrics. He clinched the success of his first album with nearly 50 awards like �The Best Rock Artist of the Year�, �The Best Breakout Artist of the Year�, �The Best Song of the Year�, �The Best Album of the Year�, �The Best Video of the Year�, and �The Best Video of the Year�, as well as nearly 400 concerts. Emre Aydın became the first in Turkey to be awarded �The Best Turkish Act�� in Europe Music Awards held by MTV every year. Later in the finals held in Liverpool, he left 21 countries� representatives behind and won the award for �Europe�s Favorite Act�.

His single �Falilng Down� was released in 2010 in Turkey and abroad on the Internet and it was favored a lot by his listeners.

Following these, Emre Aydın signed an agreement with Sony Music Company on album production and management services, and he decided to continue his career only with this company. He prepared his new album �Kağıt Evler� in Sweden�s �MR Radar Music Studios� with producer Mat Valentin, where word-famous artists like Kelly Clarkson, Eagle Eye Cherry, Sinead O�Connor, and Santana recorded their albums. In �Kağıt Evler�, all the lyrics and music belong to Emre Aydın except for Cemali�s �Duymak İstiyorum�. Emre Aydın met with his fans again by the release of the debut track, �Bu yağmurlar�, of his new album by radio broadcast and on the Internet before the production of the whole album.

In two days, such a short time after its release, �Bu Yağmurlar� set a new record as the most downloaded and the most listened song on [url=http://www.ttnetmuzik.com.tr]www.ttnetmuzik.com.tr[/url], one of Turkey�s biggest legal sales platforms. Just before the release of the album, a video was shot for �Bu Yağmurlar� by Murat Küçük in a work of 20 hours in Çatalca, and the song reached the top of the lists as the most broadcast song on radio and music channels.

After a four year-break, Emre Aydın met with music lovers on April 1, 2010 with his album �Kağıt Evler�. After the release of his album, Emre Aydın is getting ready for concert tours on which he will come together with his fans.

[b]Falling Down - Single (2010) :[/b] http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1530443303078
[b]Falling Down - a Fan Video :[/b] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APoIEpnNiEI

Web: http://www.emreaydin.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/emreaydin
What's up Linkin Park?! I didn't get to enter the new contest but check mine out! Hope you like! ;)

You guys ROCK!
i wANT to listena thousand of suns.how can i get it??please help me...
i'm Yugui From Tunisia :) and i'm addicted linkin park , i have a page fan in facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Linkin.park05 ( videos , pictures , quiz , news ) only about Lp
hey chesterchester why the hell do u think that LP will listen to you and who the hell do u think you are to demand
Ok I LOVE linkin Park so don't get me wrong on this, but they changed because they were "getting older" and "wanted to take back what they've done with Meteora and Hybrid Theroy" (according to their youtube videos) but I kinda liked them better before. From what I here (and agree with) Meteora and Hybrid Theory seem to be the most favored of their hits. I'm guessing its because they had just the right amounts of metal, rap, and soft-core. with M2M... i mean... you go from Hands Held High to Given up? and then No More Sorrow to In Between? I don't know about you but I don't see verry much balance there, really. I just hope this new Album has at least a little more of a direction then the last one. Either more metal or more soft-core.
What I've Done Here Is Cross 'The Catalyst' With 'Halo:Reach'. Not A Remix But A Movie Type Thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuQ1MoP-fT4
Please Check :)

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