Discuss the contest here. What are some of your favorite tracks that you've heard so far? Which is the most unique? Let us know.

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this and Fresco's
steven hernandez said:

Vote Fresco Bangaz =)
I will appreciate a lot if you continue supporting my remix =D

Evgeny Jacky Chikov said:

you can check out my remix, i'm so sad, that can't entering contest(((((((((


At last my remix is done !

It was pretty fun to make.
It is a three-part remix : Rock / Electro / Acoustic.

I used a lot of weird instruments, like toy xylophone, psaltery, or pan flute (that last one didn't make it in the final cut though). I wanted to start the remix by something catchy, and the first part of it is a pure old school Linkin Park riff, followed in the second part by some electronic Reanimation style beats.

Hope you’ll enjoy it, if you do please vote for me !

Clément Elbaz, from France
Mastermind of Thunder of Angels (http://thunderofangels.com)
i have LP playing Dangdut music.... ^_^
it's real music from Indonesia....
pLiiiiizzzzzzzz LP....
Love U....

If you like it, vote for me and if possible, promote me=) Thx!
So far the submissions I've listened to have guitars that are way too distorted. They need more music and less electronics.
Please don't be mad at me for posting my remix over and over again xD But nobody's voting for me and i really want to win this. So please dont be mad <3

Please vote and send it to your friends if you like it. I appreciate it! <3
Hey, just finished my remix of The Catalyst, Check it out and let me know what you think :)
Hey everybody! I heard so many good remixes here! Nice work! Here's mine:
Please check out and vote for Eyesee Media's remix of "Catalyst" (using only the stems provided) @ http://www.indabamusic.com/submissions/show/23204 Thank you!

((My thoughts are Linkin Park would like to hear something original from the stems they provided, not so much everyone adding their own instruments, it might show their skill and craft more but I think the challenge is, create something good from what they gave you. Just some food for thought))

www.soundclick.com/eyeseemedia (Music Production & Songwriting)

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