Discuss the contest here. What are some of your favorite tracks that you've heard so far? Which is the most unique? Let us know.

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i love the remix by ekam singh
Amaaaaaain great job ;)

wtf_link said:
I loved urs TOO !!!! amain ;)

Brandon Otterstrom said:
http://bit.ly/d0QAih This is my remix of The catalyst for Linkin Park's featuring you contest, if you like it, vote for it.
and i wanna hear your all of da muzik.
and i wanna hear your all of da muzik.
i joined Indaba App according to a message from mike, to submit my version of the catalyst, then a message appeared saying sorry but you can't log into the contest because Contest is open only to legal residents physically residing within a few countries only.

I'm Egyptian, i'm not professional music composer, but i worked hard for this, i learned how to use Ableton just to make this track, so it isn't fair not to be heard, you people should be proud that the whole world is listenning to your music, so you too should listen to the whole world.

.......mix vite fait bien fait je m'y suis pris un peu tard !!!!! j'ai malheureusement perdu le 1er mix que j'ai fais XD......... mix well done I quickly caught myself am a little late !!!!! Unfortunately I lost the first set I do XD
my remix !!!

this is my mix

The Catalyst by Abady by akq
why not vote for this one

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