Discuss the contest here. What are some of your favorite tracks that you've heard so far? Which is the most unique? Let us know.

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do you love the song catalyst
i finde it's greait but it's not so rock how In the end
but i love it
in the end remixed i guessed.
i dont know if theres still a chance to get votes, but if there is then please vote for me if you like it =)


it's a calm and melancholy version of "the catalyst" and i think its at least worth a listen =)
A lot of people told me it's definitely different from anything they've heard .. good different xD
so please give it a chance and vote :) thanks!!
This is a instrumental from me
this is my version with some Dj effects on and a nice guitar solo. Hope U like it ^^

This is Shishow! wanna hear more? If you do, Google OD JAPAN!

Linkin001 by shishow
Please listen and vote if you like this remix!


Thank you!
dude who is gonna hear ths long Mix of ur's .. REJECTED !!!

Permalink Reply by Jon A.
Linkin Park - The Catalyst (V Rough Mix 4 Added Stuff Still Extended) by rygarmetal Here is my 10 minute epic! I'm too excited about it to move further with it for now. Also I need to make it known that a specific part of this mix sounds like it doesn't go together as it doesn't seem in key, but it's an interesting way that I changed the way the song sounded. You'll see what I mean. It's really cool. Changing the key from D to C. Let me know what you all think! You can also leave feedback to my email rygarmetal@********* :) No spam please ;) \m/ Rock on!
Girls & Boys

I think the contest is over. . I cant get in couse i'm live in a fucked country. I think this unfair. others got the chance how think 4 sample plays in one time that means remixin' and they never heard about music. Sorry but this is the Truth. Respect For DJ ENDORPHIN how knows what does it mean remix, and Respect for THE AUDIO PIRATeS how Knows what does it mean REAL PLAYED MUSIC. Thanx Good luck

Daniel Freeman said:
Here's the final & the full version of my remix. I know i cant get in but i promice i'll never give up!!!

Linkin Park - The Catalist (Daniel Freeman Remix) by danielfreeman
THiS should win !!! it si absolutly AWESOME....I love it ! GOOD JOB ! very unique and incredibly AWESOME Vote for it !

Snybone said:
why not vote for this one

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