I don't see any reason why My favorite band cannot plan a tour to South African soil and make a difference. South Africa has hosted a successful soccer world cup ever in the soul of Africa. Many of diffident artists and those top people sat their feet to this Beautiful Country for the first and they declared that South Africa is the best place ever.
Please make up your minds guys.

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I don't give a flip how crappy South Africa is...LP should come.I don't think LP realizes how many South African fans they have...But Thirty Seconds To Mars was awesome and I cannot wait for them to come again !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the struggle. Lets keep praying. 30 Seconds to Mars was awesome
South Africa is a spectacular country. To put it simple, we have all of the (natural) scenery that you can find in any country in the *world.

I would pay an arm and a leg to see Linkin Park live! I can go on for hours on praise alone.

I understand that Linkin Park is a busy band because of their success; Linkin Park and Jay-Zee, Transformers 2 as the theme song, The Matrix Reloaded soundtrack to only name a few!

Also, I can understand that they are booked in advance (and is probably expensive as well. :) ). This is what brings me to my post.

Coca Cola has announced already that there will be a Coke Zero(TM) Festival in 2011 and Coke Fest as already seen the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, Oasis, Korn, Metallica and many many more. I am doing my utmost best to get hold of the Coke side organizers to find out if Linkin Park can be arrange. If anyone can help me in this regard, it would be HIGHLY appreciated :).

Even if they can't be available for Coke Zero(TM) Festival 2011, there are many other ways to come to play here. For example, Rammstein is playing a gig here in February 2011 (can't miss it !!! ).

Linkin Park (band/webmasters), think of the plus side of the whole ordeal. You have to work 6 hours on stage (3 hours in Johannesburg and 3 hours in Cape Town [I can't forget you guys down there!]) for the rest of the time you guys get to see a place that you CANNOT find anywhere else in the world!

I can almost promise you that if you do a concert here, the "Linkin Park live in Texas" DVD will look like a house party!

* depending on time of year and excludes the poles.
Merci ma friend, your homework is well up to scratch we need people like you 4 the struggle. In fact South Africa is amazing. The only country with living icon. Nelson Mandela. The only country in Africa that hosted fifa world cup. The country with history and with a very stable democratic rule. 'im one step closer 2 the edge n im about to break' thank you guys.
I'm proudly South African. And I think S.A does deserve and LP tour. I was at the 30 Seconds To Mars gig, and I recall Leto saying that if it wasn't for S.A they wouldn't have written many songs and that the country inspired them a lot. So maybe the same thing would happen to LP. Would be sooo awesome if they came. Probably one of the highlights of my life. :D
Thank you!!! Keep praying...

You're (obviously) absolutely right!

LP has LOADS of fans here in SA. If they came and did a concert, it would be epic.

This is cause worth fighting for, and I know tons of people are for it. 

So let's pray hard and do everything in our power to try convince LP to come to our amazing country.

Your fans are calling out LP, we need you!!!


Nice one - sure it will be lovely inside Soccer City Stadium in 2012 when LP is here (Ma wish Though)

to all the folk saying South Africa is crap, i have a simple solution for you...


Leave! there are plenty of countries to choose from. no one is keeping you here.


And yeah lets bring Linkin Park to South Africa!!

Linkin Park i'm begging you to please come to Botswana for a concert. please!!!!!

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