If anyone has a promble with this album shoot keep there mouth shut. Cause Linkin Park really didn't make this one for the fans. they said they wanted to do something for themesleves this time & as a big LP fan i think they did it the right way. ALL Lp fans want is to go back and yet no body understands LP has tons of ideas. the 1st album was great but LP is no longer that band. They are grown up and want to show people they are heading down a new road. in which they did with this album. So what am saying is if you don't have anything good to than keep to yourself cause this album was for the fans. It was a personal album, hear the lyrics & you would understand that.

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Dope album...enough said....really really freaking good man....You guys have really brought music to another level.. appreaciate the effort. Thank You LP
Yup,u r right I totally agree wid u

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