Dear LP,
Your album hybrid theory was the very frist i bought at the age of 10, im now 21 and am sad to see youve fallen SO far, admittedly after meteora things have been going down hill but after hearing some of your material from A thousand suns i have to say that im done with your music. You sold out, you had edge, an original sound and great lyrics, all you have left is decent lyrics...I understand the need for a band to branch out and look for new sounds, but this isnt that, its reinvention into mainstream RnB/techno and its gay... Forgive my rant but it saddens me to see an original band, and the band who introduced me to rock music no less, with a great sound get progressively worse and finally hit the bottom
R.I.P. Linkin Park,
A Dissapointed fan

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They might've matured, that has nothing to do. They still produce music poorly. Even an amateur band can put out better music than linkin park.

Then show me band who made album like ATS.

Like ATS? No band could ever do that, because they're not that stupid lol. I mean, its pure shit, they should be called "Stinking park" (A park with pure dog shits)

i agree with you.ATS was crap.and Living Things is not so far from it.LP sayed that this album will be like HT looks like they forgot how Ht sounds.



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