I have been shown a song by a friend that appears to be done by Linkin Park but I no that it was originally done by Trapt. However I personally think although it sounds similar I am unsure since i don’t think it sounds like Chester.


And there is allot of controversy online as well to whether or not it is linkin park or a demo of Trapt.


I have my doubts to it being Linkin Park


Could someone please help?


So called Linkin Park:




Original Trapt Version:



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I think the song is an early demo by Trapt back from 2002. This makes sense since there is a Trapt Demo EP that was released in 2002. I do not own the EP or know the songs in it but it could have been from there. Also, the change in lyrics of "Fuck Off" in the demo version vs. "Back Off" in the official release. There's also the fact that the album which contains Headstrong was released in a clean version and an explicit version.

If the uploader got this from limewire, then I have my doubts because confusion like this has happened before. This uploader in the link below says that the confusion came from a person who labeled the song as an LP song in a p2p network. If this is so, I stand corrected on having my doubts.

I've heard practically every LP song, including Chester before LP, Xero, to even Phoenix's previous band and I have never heard this "cover". To be honest, after listening to it, it doesn't sound like Chester. If it were a cover, believe me Mike would been on it since he's up-to-date on these things and would have made an official statement, especially since they rarely do covers.There hasn't been one. If there are any, there's usually real proof like live footage or they've made their way into an LPU (now the LPUX) CD. For example, the Nine Inch Nail's Wish live cover. Another is Chester twittering about being featured in Carlos Santana's album Guitar Heaven doing a cover of the Doors' Riders on the Storm.

When in doubt, just ask Mike (blog) or twitter anyone of them. They'll give credit when due.
thanks yeah that was kinda what i thought as well, just kinda needed some one to confirm :)

thanks you guys

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